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Nazi UFos

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Did the Nazis have UFOs?
In June of 1947 a private pilot named Kenneth Arnold reported a formation of nine shiny objects speeding along at an unprecedented speed of 1600 mph in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier, Washington. Arnold actually described the craft as more crescent shaped, like 'flying wings'−which coincidentally was another air form perfected by the German Horton Brothers, during the war. It was suspected that captured German aircraft were being studied in a joint U. S. /British facility in western Canada close to Washington state. In September of 1947, just eight months after Admiral Byrd's aborted mission to the Antarctic, the Strategic Air Command undertook a detailed mapping and reconnaissance mission of the North Pole. An extensive B−29 support base was established at Ft. R−chardson, Alaska. But aside from cameras, these bombers were crammed with state−of−the−art, electro−magnetic scanners, sensors and magnetic emissions detectors. And, just as Byrd described, 'high−speed craft capable of flying from pole to pole', were again encountered at the Arctic as well. Debriefed flight crews reported seeing metallic vertical lift saucers parked on the ice packs, flying in and out of the water as well as dogging the B−29s. All evidence, tapes, film canisters and documentation were immediately classified and rushed back to Washington D. C. In 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower was allegedly secreted away to a meeting with Extraterrestrials at MUROC airfield near Palm Springs, California. One particular group was reported to be 'Nordic' looking and they offered Eisenhower Free Energy technology in exchange for nuclear disarmament which was declined!

And as the story goes, these 'Nordic' ETs subsequently met with Pope Pious XII at the Vatican as well. In 1975, thirty years after the disappearance of the Vril Society leaders, a Swiss farmer claimed to have contact with a girl from the 'Pleiades', who bore the pseudonym, "Semjase" and a striking resemblance to the 'Vrilerinnen' from 1919. This space girl also wore long blonde hair, spoke in fluent Austrian−German and candidly shared comprehensive knowledge about the German saucer projects of World War II. clip. The UK divide, Something Extra in Scotland by Andrew Hennessey Post at (excerpt) There is 'something extra' going on in Scotland. There is archaeological and ethnological evidence for beliefs in non−humanity that are thousands of years old all over the UK. There are Greys etched on ancient standing stones and there is a Bronze Age Reptilian head carved on the s−irit rock in Rosslyn glen below the famous chapel. The Elizabethan mage John D−e drew beings that looked very like Greys, in his Keys of Enoch writings. The 17th Century m−stic Jane L−ad wrote of giving birth to some sort of hybrid child.... Every one of the four UK nations has its own claim to Draconian bloodlines and descent from the Lemurian and Atlantean giants of old. L−ncoln cathedral features a red draconian with a capture device covered in the same Aryan script, featured in Adamski's sketches of the Nordic ship in his book; `Flying Saucers have Landed'. From the De Dannan in Ireland and its Book of Invasions, who arrived with what sounds like energy weapons (Lance of Lugh) after some cataclys mic war that was perhaps responsible for the vitrified and melted rocks of e.g. Burntisland in Fife and the Dark Isle in Cromarty.

the City of London and the draconian aristocratic coats of arms e.g. MI5, and also in Wales. to the stories of the Mhor or giants in Scotland. In Scotland, as of course England, there is an established culture of the EL's or Elves or Shining Ones or Illuminati, easily illustrated by the Scottish painter John Duncan in no better place than his painting `the Riders of the Sidhe' (pronounced she). You can google that and see tie ins between Aryans, and shining Reptilians, the Hindu swastika on the horse harness and a little baby reptilian running alongside the horses that looks very similar to the reptilian stone head in Rosslyn glen, near Scotlands capital. The Earl of Rosslyn and the Earl of Orcus in real life would translate to be of the Stewards (or Stewarts) of Tolkein's Gondor. The Lord of the Rings I would contend celebrates Scotland's Atlantean epoch and its post Atlantean peoples and their values. 18th century maps of Rosslyn show that the place was named Paradise and in that place that was called Paradise is now built the cloning lab and a tower, let us hope it is not dark called Dryden Tower. In the Atlantean stories related by Josephus Flavius and also in the book of Enoch it was the misuse of cloning that turned the paradise of Atlantis into a dry desolate den. Perhaps somehow that ancient pageant is being commemorated at Rosslyn today. The UK also has its full quota of deep bases and underground cities, from Newcastle, allegedly near RAF Boomer, to Brecon Beacons, to Cornwall, under Wiltshire and London etc and under mountains, as does Scotland. You can see and hear about many underground bases on all sorts of official or unofficial maps and insider stories but you never hear about any stuff under the Lothians up here or see the ancient places for subsurface peoples identified. I've heard of hybrid colonies in Greater Manchester and people on automatic in Wiltshire.

Something extra is going on in Scotland. Perhaps highly overt alien farming. In January 2005 in the National Museum of Scotland you could even see an exhibit in `Art and Industry Since 1850' that showed that the Scottish establishment was co−operating with the extra terrestrial presence and were happy to publicise the fact. It was famous A70 (West Lothian) abductee Garry Woods who reported in 1992 of seeing rows and rows of naked humans frozen in Perspex jars by their alien farmers. The Reptilian Overlords of Scotland seem to have it all stitched up in spectacular Hollywood style. Since 1850' at the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh to be celebrating the fact that they have bought and sold the Scottish human population for Genetic Gold to Alien Invaders.

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