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Aboard the Ships (George Adamski)

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Aboard the Ships (George Adamski Part 3)

(Continued from "The Contactee - story of George Adamski Pt 2)

The book sold well; and Adamski’s fame spread. Newspapers ran features on him—the amateur astronomer who claimed to have photographed spaceships and to have chatted with a spaceman! He began to receive lecture invitations from around the country, in particular from the UFO clubs that were springing up. And increasingly, people were appearing on his doorstep—saucer enthusiasts, the curious, and the just plain batty. Meanwhile, his contacts with the Space People (or Space Brothers, as he liked to call them) continued, and grew more spectacular.* And in 1955 he published (with Abelard-Schuman) another book, to describe these further encounters. It was titled Inside the Space Ships.

* One of his reasons for doing so, explains Girvan in Flying Saucers and Common Sense (Citadel Press, 1956), was to elucidate saucers to members of his club who had been looking at him askance.

If Flying Saucers Have Landed strained his credibility with many readers, Inside the Space Ships (which included additional photos) stretched it to its limits. Desmond Leslie, in a foreword to the book, puts his finger on the problem. This “amazing document,” says Leslie, may be taken in one of two ways. It may be either believed or disbelieved.
The reader must make up his own mind on this fundamental question.
"Inside the Space Ships" takes up the tale three months after the desert encounter. In his home on Palomar Adamski was feeling restless. And he found welling up inside him an inexplicable urge to visit Los Angeles.
Taking a bus into the city and checking into his usual hotel, he recalled a certain student of his—a young woman. Unable to get away to Palomar, she had asked Adamski to telephone her the next time he was in town. He did so; and the student was soon joining him at the hotel. They talked; and he advised her in regard to some personal matters. She expressed her gratitude, and said she had been thinking of him and hoping he would show up to help her.

Walking her back to the trolley, Adamski wondered if a telepathic message from the student had brought him into the city. But upon returning to the hotel, he found that inexplicable urge to be with him still. He stood there in the lobby, beset with restlessness and a sense of anticipation. Suddenly, two men in suits walked up to him. One of them smiled, addressed Adamski by name, and extended his hand. Adamski did likewise, and received a familiar greeting: a pressing of palms. These strangers, he realized, were not of the Earth. The smiling man asked if he was available to come with them. Adamski said he was. They led him outside to a black sedan. The three got in and drove off into the night. As the sedan headed out of the city, the pair revealed their identity.
They were “contact men,” living secretly among the people of Earth. One was from Mars, the other from Saturn.
The three men traveled on in silence. Urban sprawl gave way to desert. Stars began to be visible in the sky. Leaving the highway, they drove along a rough road. “We have a surprise for you,” said the Martian. In the distance Adamski could see something glowing on the ground. His heart beat faster as they approached it. The sedan pulled up beside a flying saucer. It resembled the one he had gazed upon in the desert. And standing beside it was the very Venusian with whom he had chatted that day. With a radiant smile, the jumpsuited figure greeted Adamski. Adamski was escorted aboard by the three spacemen - by Firkon, Ramu, and Orthon (the Venusian).
Passing through a curved passageway, they entered the main cabin. It was circular with a domed ceiling. On the wall were graphs and charts. At the center of the cabin connecting lenses in the floor and ceiling was a column: the magnetic pole (he would learn) that propelled the saucer. Firkon and Ramu invited Adamski to join them on a curved bench beside the column. Orthon, meanwhile, had approached the control panel. Adamski felt an indescribable joy. It was dawning on him that his dream was about to be realized. He was being taken on a journey into Space.

With almost no sensation of movement, the ship took off. Adamski looked down into the lens and saw rooftops skimming by. Through the lens in the ceiling he saw myriads of stars. As the saucer rose, Adamski was briefed on a few of its features. Then he was told to prepare for a landing—in the mother ship. The same one that had passed over the desert; and that was now floating eight miles above the Earth. He looked out a porthole and caught his breath. There it was half a mile long. “The spectacle of that gigantic cigar-shaped carrier ship hanging there motionless in the stratosphere,” he writes, “will never dim in my memory.” The saucer passed through an opening in the great ship and docked inside. The four men disembarked; and Adamski was led through the forbidding interior of a mother ship. He was shown tiers of platforms filled with instruments, and a control room. Then they entered a lounge. Adamski’s attention “instantly was absorbed by two incredibly lovely young women” who rose from a divan and came toward him. One of the women kissed Adamski on the cheek; the other brought him a goblet of clear liquid. Both were tall; had long, wavy hair; and wore gossamer robes and golden sandals. They looked at him with merry eyes; and he had the
feeling these women could read his innermost thoughts. Adamski was motioned onto a divan. He sipped on his beverage as one of the women Kalna explained to him the purpose of a mother ship. It cruised about Space, she said, for the pleasure and edification of its occupants. Every citizen of the Universe got to spend part of the year visiting and learning about other planets. The inhabitants of such planets were always friendly with the sole exception of Earth. That was why the mother ships never landed on Earth. Adamski was taken to the pilot room, for a spectacular view of Space. Through the window he gazed upon millions of colored lights that flickered in the blackness. And amidst this “celestial fireworks display” was the Earth: a ball of light shrouded in clouds. (By now the ship had risen to an altitude of 50,000 miles.)

They rejoined Ramu in the lounge. The Saturnian was seated with a man in loose, comfortable-looking clothing.(The Space People wear jumpsuits only while working,Adamski would learn.) The man appeared to be about the same age as Adamski; the first person he had encountered on the ship who was not youthful in appearance. The goblets were refilled. Adamski sipped on the beverage, finding it “delicately sweet with an elusiveness that was tantalizing.”

The nectar of the gods! About an hour had elapsed since his departure from Earth. Yet in that short space of time, he tells us, “my whole life and understanding had opened to a far greater concept of the Universe than I had gained during the sixty-one years of my total life on Earth.” But more understanding was about to come his way. For Adamski was addressed now by that older-looking man who turned out to be a highly-evolved, thousand-year-old Master
The Master began to speak; and Adamski and the others listened, attentively and humbly. “My son…” he said, looking Adamski in the eye. And he launched into a discourse on the philosophy, wisdom, and ways of the Space People. He revealed to Adamski that the entire Universe is populated by human beings. Each planet, however, is at a different stage of development. Indeed, the purpose of human life is to develop. And how does a human develop? By adhering to Universal Law. The Space People, said the Master, wanted to help us understand Universal Law, wanted to share their wisdom withus. And why had they arrived at this moment in our history? To warn us of the perils of nuclear testing. The Master spoke on and on. He touched on perfection…paths that led upward…nonviolence…tolerance. Occasionally, Adamski would think of a question—and the Master would read his mind and answer it.

The lecture concluded with an injunction. Adamski was to return to Earth with a “message of hope” for his fellow man. The Space People were giving him a mission—an urgent one. He was to convey their wisdom to the human race. The Master rose and gazed deeply into Adamski’s eyes; and the philosopher felt a new sense of strength. The Master gestured farewell and departed the lounge. Everyone was silent for a moment. Then Kalna remarked that it was always a privilege to listen to the Master. Adamski chatted with his hosts. They commended him for standing up to the ridicule that had been heaped upon him, and for his refusal to use his contact for self-aggrandizement or commercialism. “In the face of all derision, disbelief even when the validity of your photographs was challenged—we saw how staunch you remained to that which, within yourself, you knew to be true.” More drinking of the nectarlike beverage followed. Then Ramu announced it was time to return to Earth. Adamski was led back to the saucer.
He was flown back to Earth and driven to his hotel. Few words were exchanged during the drive. Adamski was absorbed in his thoughts; and Firkon, at the wheel of the sedan, left him alone.
In his hotel room he sat on the edge of the bed, reflecting on his meeting with the Space People. And he realized that unbelievable as it was he must speak of it to Mankind.
For the Space People had made him their messenger. Adamski slept for a few hours, then took the bus back to
Mount Palomar. He was soon at work on Inside the Space Ships. It would relate the events of that memorable night; describe the Space People and their philosophy; and tell of subsequent journeys into Space. During one of these, he was flown around the Moon (more than a decade before the astronauts of Apollo 8) in a saucer. During another, he was shown an
awesome scene on a television screen: the surge and swirl of interstellar dust and energy—the basic force of the Universe. And in the book’s most inspiring passage, Adamski describes his return to Earth after one of those rides aboard a saucer:

I returned to my room in the hotel, but not to sleep. My experiences of the night had so strengthened and invigorated me that I felt like a new man, my mind awake and alert with thoughts more vivid and swift than ever before! My heart sang with joy, and my body was freshened as though from a long rest. There was much to be done this day, and tomorrow I must return to my home on the mountain; but from now on I would, to the best of my ability, live each moment as it came, complete in its fullness, serving the One Intelligence as man is intended to do, and for which purpose he was created. Truly, the philosopher had benefited profoundly from his encounters with the Space People.
(Continued from "The Contactee - story of George Adamski Pt 2)

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Horus :

There are two things that concern me.
1. The shuttle craft these people use are identical to the ones we see depicted as belonging to the Nazis. The same 3 moveable anti-gravitic semi-spherical propulsion units underneath and the body of the craft with seams and joins looking very much like something built here on Earth during the 1940s, even the port holes make it look very terrestrial.
2, They say they come from Venus, The atmosphere of Venus is made up mainly of carbon dioxide, and thick clouds of sulphuric acid completely cover the planet. At least that's what our corporate sponsored scientists and NASA tell us. NeverAStraightAnswer (NASA) could be misleading us about the whole Solar System so that easily explains that Venus could be their home.
So what about the NAZI saucers, which photographs entered the public domain first, Adamsky's or the ones purported to belong to the WW2 Nazis ?
His story sounds plausable and the documentary I've seen showing the shuttle floating tediously with it's semi globular anti grav units opening and closing to stabilize the ship is to me the most convincing UFO footage I've ever seen, especially after I heard photographic experts attesting to its validity.
Several things are possible, the ETs aren't, they are people from Earth using NAZI technology or the NAZI UFO story is BS or it's true and Adamsky is using NAZI footage to support his BS story or Everyone is lying and they are using the same bogus footage and film.
Can anyone clarify ?

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