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Refusing Alien Abduction

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How to Refuse Alien Abduction

This publication is about empowerment of the individual. It is our hope that this publication may help provide people with the knowledge they need to help them refuse alien abduction.
The authors, the Lightside UFO Study Group, have released this document freely into the public domain with no limitations on the reproduction and distribution of the material contained herein EXCEPT that when this document is reproduced, it is reproduced in its entirety. We feel that no part of this document stands alone; all parts work together for the goal of empowering people with the knowledge of "How to Refuse Alien Abduction".


This document draws mainly from three sources. The first source is the gifts of the Creator; namely free will choice, intuition, and faith. The second source is our extraterrestrial contacts and the knowledge they have shared with us. The third source is the experiences of successfully refused alien abduction by other peoples accounts, both verbal and written and our own experiences.
We wish to thank the many positive beings that are working very hard to help this planet and its inhabitants through these troubled times.

We would like to express a special thank you to Maurice Osborn whose booklet titled, “Alien Abduction Resistance” inspired us to compile the information for this booklet.
Thanks to Heidi Hollis, author of the book, “The Secret War – the Heavens Speak of the Battle” for her expertise on the shadow beings.
Thank you to all those who have the courage to speak up about their alien experiences both positive and negative.

Alien abductions have been increasing rapidly over the past few decades. The negative aliens are responsible for most of the abductions on this planet. Hundreds of thousands of people are being abducted against their will. Painful experiments are being performed on them. Devices are being implanted into humans for tracking and/or mind control and possible other unknown reasons. Sperm or eggs are being extracted from some of these abductees and human/alien components are being used to create hybrid children.

We are not here to prove that aliens exist. There is ample testimony from contactees and abductees. Many abductees wake up with physical evidence on their bodies such as scoop marks, punctures or bloody noses, etc. Most people reading this booklet have taken the next step into the alien existence scenario and are asking themselves, why are they here, what is their agenda, and how does this involve humans?

The greatest hope we can share with readers is that there are spiritually advanced extraterrestrial races out there that are ready and willing to help us help ourselves. These races of spiritually advanced extraterrestrial beings do not abduct, cause fear, implant devices or do experiments on humans. They respect our free will and the laws put into place by the Creator. Thus, they are responsible for the positive contact humans have had with alien/ET beings. The Commander and Chief of the positive extraterrestrials has walked our planet on several occasions.

Abduction is a very difficult subject to explore and deal with. Those in the Lightside UFO study group have not experienced alien abduction however, this is not to say that there have not been attempts to abduct us on several occasions. Through our contact with benevolent beings and their gentle guidance, we have come to understand what works to refuse alien abductions. In the following pages, we will share with you the tools for refusing alien abduction that have been explained to us by our contacts.
To those who are being abducted: knowledge is power. The truth shall set you free.

Alien Contact verses Alien Abduction: There is a Difference

In the early years of the UFO phenomenon, the terms alien contact and alien abduction were used separately and distinctly. Through the years, the terms alien contact/contactee and alien abduction/abductee have generally been replaced by the terms alien experience/experiencer. It does seem suspect that this would occur. By using the words experience or experiencer, there could be less distinction between a positive contact and a negative abduction. Who started this trend or how it began is not important. What is important is that it has happened and we need to be aware of it.

We have recently heard a new term being used to describe an alien abductee’s experience. The abductee described himself as a “participant”. This person had so much fear he felt empowered when he said he would participate only on his terms. Somehow this person came to the conclusion that by giving in to the abductors he was still free to choose to participate or not. Did this person give away his power to the negative abducting aliens to continue to abduct him?
In talking with abductees over the years, many say that once they get beyond their fear, they feel special or chosen while others feel powerless and hopeless. Discernment needs to come into play in determining whether one is dealing with a negative alien being. The tools for refusing alien abduction that our positive contacts have shared brings hope. The Creator has given everyone the power (through Him) to say “NO” to alien abduction.


An alien abduction is the negative act of paralyzing a person and taking them against their free will; causing fear and harm, performing painful experiments, not allowing some to remember the actual experience and even implanting devices and memories in the abductee to block them from remembering the horrific experience. Many alien abductors tell abductees that they made an agreement to be abducted before they came to this planet. Even if this is true, what they don’t tell abductees is that they have the right to break the agreement and stop what is happening.


Contact with positive extraterrestrials is a situation wherein an alien and a human agree to work together. The agreement is made before the human comes to this planet. Contact is made for a specific purpose and only when the time is right and the contactee is ready. There is every effort by the positive aliens to avoid causing fear. At no time is the contactee’s free will in jeopardy as the contactee may end this agreement at any time.

Different Alien Beings behind the Abductions

There are three alien species that we know of that are abducting humans namely, the mantis, the grays and the reptilians. However, before we continue there is something very important that needs to be stated. Not all of these three species are negative. Some of them have chosen to walk in the Light.
The following is a general description of the negative abducting alien beings:
The mantises are named after Earth’s praying mantis because of their insect-like appearance.
According to our sources, some of the mantis alien race are here experimenting on humans.
The grays are from the Orion system. They are usually between three to five feet tall with a large head and large black eyes. Their lips, nose and ears are not very pronounced. Their bodies are usually very slender with long, thin arms and legs. As far as we know, communication is done telepathically.

Our alien contacts say that as far as the grays are concerned, the grays believe that the planet belongs to them. About 90% of the other alien races are in agreement with the previous statement and respect the grays not because they are positive but because of the power and technology they have. The grays came to planet Earth under the influence of the reptilians in the early 1880’s because the reptilians gave the grays some of their technology in exchange for which the grays agreed to do some work for them.

Most of the grays that are on the planet destroyed their own planet by mismanagement; they are technologically advanced with no spirituality. They are playing God when they create and destroy at will. The abducting grays are creating the alien/human hybrids for several possible scenarios, one being they want an army they can have complete control over. Being half-human gives the hybrids the strength and physical stamina that they need to fight… to make war… to take over.

The reptilians are snake-like in appearance. They stand upright between six to eight feet tall. They are varying shades of color from green to tan and have scaly skin. They have yellow to gold eyes with vertical slits like snakes. They are very strong and muscular in stature. The reptilians are physically more powerful than the grays and don’t have as large a presence on Earth; they don’t need to because the grays do most of the dirty work.
The reptilians have been on Earth many times. Their first contact with Earth was 110,000 years ago. They left and came back about 27,000 years ago. They left again because the planet had nothing they could use. They became very interested again with this planet about 10,000 years ago and did stay for a while because the change in life forms on Earth piqued their interest. They stayed for a while and tampered with human’s DNA by inserting their gene in our gene pool, then they left again. There were serious repercussions for mixing the genes of humans and aliens namely; the beginning of negative humans and God was angry!


The shadow beings are dark shadow-like figures that may be seen head on or more commonly through one’s peripheral vision. Shadow beings are shape shifters who do so for deception. They have been known to take the shape of a cat, a huge spider, a streak, a cloud, a ghost-like figure with no neck and a male wearing a cape and a hat with a wide brim and flat crown (Spanish style).
The shadow beings made a pact with the abducting grays and reptilians to work together on this planet. The shadows are the most evil and powerful of the negative beings and they have dominion over all negative aliens. Shadow beings are what is known as demons or devils and are under the command of Satan and Lucifer.
For more information on the shadows refer to the book, “The Secret War – the Heavens Speak of the Battle”, by Heidi Hollis (pages 41 – 57) or visit her web site at: .
Satan, who works under Lucifer, is a commander of negative entities. He is an adversary to God and Jesus The Christ. His mission on Earth is to deceive and influence souls to fall to the dark side.
Our extraterrestrial contacts use the term satan to describe the negative beings that are working for their own agenda against the forces of Light. Their job is to cause chaos, destruction, fear and confusion. They have no qualms about breaking God’s Universal Law of Non-Interference.


This chapter covers the tools for refusing abduction as has been described to us by our contacts. We have used these tools successfully in refusing alien abduction.


Each one of us has been given a gift from God. It is that spark of light in all of us, God's light. This light is a protective shield from negativity. To find this light one must reach inside themselves, believe in it, and mentally expand it out from the heart. To use the light effectively, one should practice using it often throughout the day. The way to practice using the light is by imagining oneself in a "bubble" of light. Then stretch it out to include those we love. One can stretch out the “bubble of light as far out as one can imagine. Realize that we can send out the light to protect those around us, but it is each one's choice to accept or to reject the light.
If one uses the light with the proper motivation, always keeping in mind that it is a God-given ability, nothing in this universe can penetrate it. Negative things will try to penetrate it from time to time, just waiting for us to let our guards down. The more one uses the light, the stronger it becomes. If done properly one can almost see the bubble of light, and one can definitely feel when it is sent out correctly, with love.

Here is an example of using the light to refuse an attempted negative alien abduction:
“It was late and I was just about to fall asleep, which is a very vulnerable time (the time between
wake and sleep). I felt myself paralyzed. In my mind, no one has the right to invade the space
(mind, body, spirit) of another person. I was upset at this act against my free will. I knew that if I
could will any part of my body to move I would be free. It took every ounce of strength,
concentration and belief to move my head. Once I moved a part of my body, the beings left.
They tried another time but this time I was armed with a little more truth. The scenario started out the same: it was late and I was almost asleep when I felt paralyzed. I began to pray and ask God for help but I have to admit I was upset and angry with the abductors. One of our benevolent alien contacts "spoke" to me in my head saying, "It's not working because you are not saying it calm enough or kind enough." I stopped my struggle; finished the prayer, sent out love and light, then rolled over and went to sleep. There has been no more abduction attempts like that. The negative beings do influence our dreams so we must be alert to that too. I have learned that fear and anger are negative emotions and when I was feeling anger it only served to "feed" the negative beings making them stronger as I gave them my power.”
Before one even gets out of bed, send out the light. Before one goes to sleep at night, pray for protection and send out the light. When one meditates, first ask for guidance and protection and send out the light. Using the light is a practice that can become second nature if practiced often. It is a very important tool for spiritual survival. The more one uses the light, the more one realizes that a person cannot live without it. We cannot do it alone. Trust in the gift that God has given you.


The sound of silence is so seldom heard that many times it is forgotten. Meditation is a tool that can be used to bring peace and balance back into our lives. Meditation is also one of the weapons on our coat of spiritual armor that when practiced consistently and joyfully can help to refuse negative alien encounters. When used together with the white light of protection and balance, meditation brings about attunement with the Creator, which allows one to resist negativity much better. This includes unwanted negative alien abductions. If one is in balance and standing in the light of the Creator, negative aliens cannot step into one’s presence as they are of a negative vibration and repelled by the light.
One can recognize when they are becoming out of balance as it can be felt in one’s physical being and in one’s thinking process. This is where shorter periods of meditation or mini meditations may be used more frequently during the day. These shorter meditations may be used to help one focus and bring oneself back into balance. One may simply close their eyes for a short period of time and take in deep cleansing breaths. The white light of protection should be sent out before beginning a meditation, and ask for the Creator’s guidance and protection.
There are different ways to meditate and everyone uses a method, which feels right to them as long as attunement with the Creator is achieved. Longer periods of time are necessary to achieve a deeper state of meditation. Meditation may also be achieved with one’s eyes open, perhaps while sitting on a shoreline looking out over a body of water, or peacefully watching a sunset or doing whatever brings peace to one’s soul. It may also be done while doing a simple household chore as long as the mind is in focus and the body is peaceful.
When one feels vulnerable to negativity from the pressures of everyday living or if one feels the need to be protected from a negative alien, close intimacy and attunement with the Creator may be desired and needed. It is important to call upon the Creator and use the tools He has provided as no one can refuse abduction on their own.
Balance is a characteristic needed to refuse abduction. Balance is also very useful in identifying an attempted abduction and having the conviction that you have the right to say "NO!" The first part of balance is to know yourself well enough to recognize when and how you become unbalanced. Recognizing this helps one against negative alien intrusion. The next part is to make a plan to change the actions that lead to a state of unbalance. You may want to divide a sheet of paper into three columns and label them: PROBLEM - STEPS TO CHANGE- SOLUTION. Realize that change cannot occur unless you first realize you have a problem and then think about how to solve the problem.
The first step of thinking about what causes unbalance, means you have to figure out which traps such as: TV, books, sleep, sex, alcohol, drugs, infatuation, etc., which distractions such as: hobbies, family, spouse, children, grandchildren, sports, surfing the net, etc. or which "hot button" items like: road rage, teasing, politics, religion, etc. cause you to slam from calm and centered to unbalanced. By thinking, daily, about what causes unbalance and then discussing it with a trusted friend, you will be able to identify areas that need work. Realize there is no quitting of old habits "cold turkey"; the change will be gradual but will happen with persistence. It helps to look at your own life and compare where you are today spiritually to where you were in the past and then compare where you are today to where you would like to be in the future.

One visible sign of change could be a calmer demeanor. You may be less likely to be drawn into argumentative "hot button" issues as in the past. Compassion for others will increase as you witness the struggles others have to make to succeed. You may have a hard time letting go of old thought patterns but realize that God is not finished with anybody yet. Also, please avoid taking someone else's karma as your own, and allow them to make their own choices and reap the consequences. You can warn others about the bad aliens and encourage them to refuse abductions, however if they choose to leave themselves open to negative experiences, it is their free will choice.
As the years went by we decided that we wanted to become better people. We discovered we needed to be balanced, loving and compassionate and not let ego control our lives. Policing ourselves is the tool that we discovered worked best for protecting us from negative aliens and from the negativity on the planet.
Deciding to make a change was the easy part, now we had to figure out how to keep on the path we had chosen for ourselves. Realizing that we needed to know ourselves better, we worked on analyzing ourselves for months. We could see each other's weaknesses, addictions and problems but rarely could see our own. It took a long time to figure out that we lie to ourselves, make excuses for our behavior or just do not want to put in the effort it takes to become a better human being.
Once we faced ourselves, we realized we needed a plan and came up with these guidelines:

  1. Be truthful and honest with yourself.
  2. No justifications
  3. No exaggerations
  4. No illusions about self or others
  5. Examine yourself at the end of each day, if not more often.
  6. Admit your problems, screw-ups and faults. Take responsibility for all your actions and
  7. thoughts.
  8. Analyze any problems you are having, be it at work or at home and be honest.
  9. Try to see everything from the other person's point of view.
  10. Own up to the part you play in a problem situation and do not worry about the part other people play.
  11. Ask for God's help, then meditate on it.
  12. Once you have learned from these experiences, take conscious action to correct the problem and work on not letting it happen again.

Policing yourself is not an easy thing to do and we often fall back into old patterns of behavior. When this happens, we go back to the policing guidelines and start over. Go out into this big beautiful world and spend less time thinking of only yourself. Try to maintain balance in all aspects of life and take responsibility for all actions.
In conclusion, using the Light of God, meditation, balance and policing yourself, when used together as a daily maintenance program, helps one refuse negative alien abductions. Through trial and error, we have discovered that these tools do work when used with 100% faith and belief. Once armed with that knowledge, we came to the realization that personal change is an endless process
Glossary of Terms
• Abductee-An individual who is taken against their free will by negative aliens
• Alien Abduction-The act of taking a person against their free will; paralyzing them, causing fear and harm, performing painful experiments, not allowing them to remember the actual experience and even implanting devices and memories to block the abductee(s) from remembering
• Alien Contact-A freewill, prearranged meeting(s) with benevolent aliens to bring light back to this planet, an organized mission to help the people of Earth return to the Creator. Contact may be ended by the contactee at anytime
• Bad alien-an extraterrestrial that chooses service to self rather than service to others and does not follow the rules put in place by the Creator
• Balance-A state of being calm, focused and centered in one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being
• Contactee-An individual that has benevolent contact with aliens
• Experiencer-A term sometimes used to blur the definitions of alien abduction and alien contact; This term makes it easier to justify the acceptance of alien abduction.
• Good alien-an extraterrestrial who chooses service to others rather than service to self
• Meditation-A time of listening to God in order to receive enhanced knowledge, balance, intuition and instruction
• Participant-a new term sometimes used by abductees to fool themselves into believing they are willing participants, in control of the event
• Satan-The commander of Lucifer’s forces that have combined to work against the forces of good
• Universal Law of Non-Interference-God’s law prohibiting any being from interfering in another being’s freewill choice and their natural course of evolution
• White Light of Protection-The soul essence, God’s light, which emanates from the heart when sent out mentally with 100% belief and love, is used for protection against negativity and harm

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